‘Swoveralls’ Are A Real Thing And They Are Truly Fantastic

Sweatpants + Overalls = Swoveralls

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I wish I could combine the comfort of sweatpants and the functionality of overalls“? Well, you’re not the only one!

New York based company The Great Fantastic created “Swoveralls” (yep, sweatpants + overalls = swoveralls) for exactly that reason. Kyle Bergman, the company’s founder, heard about sweatpant overalls for women but he wanted a pair for himself. When he couldn’t find any, he decided to create the product himself. Swoveralls were born!

After the success of the men’s version, Bergman decided to create a women’s line as well, and things took off from there. Now, the team behind Swoveralls has launched a Kickstarter for what they’re calling “Swoveralls 2.0”. They want to offer “higher quality buckles and buttons and a wider variety of colors and patterns“.

What do you think – would you wear Swoveralls? Have to admit, it’s a pretty ingenious creation!