Take A Nap, You’ll Live Longer!

Taking a nap once or twice a week may cut the risk of heart attack and stroke, suggests a study. 

Researchers studied data for over 3000 people from Switzerland between the ages of 35 and 75 and tracked them for an average of five years. They researchers looked at their sleeping patterns and their general health.  Of those 3000 plus people studied, over half of them (58%) did not nap ever.

19% took naps once or twice a week and only 12% took naps 3 to 5 times weekly. 

Over the course of five years, there were 155 ‘cardiovascular events’ – meaning an incident such as a heart attack or a stroke – among the group.

The researchers found that those who napped once or twice a week were 48% less likely to experience these issues.

The experts behind this study say the results provide some convincing evidence to catch a quick snooze.