Taking ‘Basic Sorority Girl’ to an Entirely Different Level

The cutest lil' Starbucks loving Momma

This is Kate Engelmaier, a blogger from Georgia. She is a self proclaimed basic sorority girl and she’s totally okay with that!

“I have always been told I was the definition of a ‘basic sorority girl’ and I never saw that as a bad thing,” Engelmaier told BuzzFeed in a recent interview.

We’re totally okay with that too, honestly, her Instagram is super cute.

Here’s the picture that say’s it all, this girl is all about her Starbucks, her baby will most likely be born with a cake-pop addiction.

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Of course, the single mother has gotten her fare share of backlash about the photo-shoot, to which she says that she doesn’t regret any part of it!

And to that we say “You go, girl!”

We think Kate and baby to be, Max will be the cutest little pair and cant wait to see all the adorable photo shoots they have planned.



Kate went into labour as of Sunday evening (February 26th).

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Totally flawless!