Getting Your Kid Talking About Mental Health: An Important First Step

RVH Psychologists Say There Are Signs For When You Might Want to Chat With Your Child

Today has quickly become a day associated with the betterment of one’s mental health. Through social media and text, it’s a day set aside to encourage talking about mental health issues, if for no other reason than to remove the stigma from it. But what about those who haven’t yet realized they might need to open up and talk about what they’re feeling, or maybe haven’t been asked? Dr. Marian Boer is a Psychologist with the newly-opened Child and Adolescent Mental Health program at Royal Victoria Hospital, and she says there are signs parents and friends can watch for in children.

Dr. Boer points out the signs may be more obvious however.

Getting a child talking about their mental health is an important first step.

Dr. Boer is happy to say the Let’s Talk campaign has had a noticeable effect; many are taking that important first step, perhaps with a little help.

For anyone looking for more information, or for someone to talk to, a list of phone numbers is posted below, courtesy the Canadian Mental Health Association of Barrie.

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
(705) 728-9090

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre – Mental Health Support Services
(705) 728-9090 ext. 47210

Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital – Community Mental Health Services
(705) 325-2201,

Collingwood General & Marine Hospital – Community Mental Health Services
(705) 444-6600,

Stevenson Memorial Hospital – Mary McGill Community Mental Health Centre
(705) 435-4314,

Wendat Psychiatric Services Program
(705) 526-1305

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care- Outpatient Services
(705) 549-3181,

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit
(705) 721-7520,

Barrie Housing Support Services
(705) 739-0485

Barrie Community Health Centre (BCHC)
(705) 734-9690,

Family Mental Health Initiative
(705) 725-0363,

Canadian Mental Health Association-National

Canadian Mental Health Association-Ontario
(416) 977-5580,

Ministry of Health- Mental Health Programs and Services Group

North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
(416) 535-8501,

Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment

Mental Health Commission of Canada

North Simcoe Muskoka Walk-In Counselling Clinic