Taser Used During Bradford Mental Health Call

Armed Woman With History of Mental Health Illness Subdued and Taken To Hospital

South Simcoe Police say a taser was needed after a mental health call to a Bradford home this morning. A 50-year-old woman was said to be suffering a mental health crisis around 3:00 this morning, and armed with a weapon, was said to threaten anyone who got close, and refused to seek medical help like police asked. After using the taser to subdue the woman, police took her to hospital for assessment.

The South Simcoe Police operates with a dedicated Mental Health Unit, designed to provide front line support during calls involving mental health or addiction. The unit involves pairing a police constable with a mental health crisis worker, not only freeing up front line officers to deal with crime, but also support those who need it the most. The Mental Health Support Unit provides proactive community support when not attending calls.