Taylor Swift Can’t Shake This Off This Lawsuit!

Players gonna hate, hate, hate, hate!

‘Shake It Off’ is notably one of Taylor’s most catchiest tracks and two other song writers are still determined to prove that they were the one’s who came up with a few lines…

The song writing duo Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, filed papers claiming that they came up with the line “Playas, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate” 16 years ago with the song they penned for girl group 3LW.

The copywriter case was dismissed last year by the U.S. District Judge, but Hall and Butler took the case to The Ninth Circuit of appeals the three-judge panel ruled on Monday that the dismissal decision was premature.

So the copywriter case will go back to court at a later date, so we’ll all just have to wait, wait, wait!

The song writing team wants 20% of the profits!