Taylor Swift Is Taking On The Scalpers.

Taylor has bad blood with scalpers!

As of July 1st, Ontario will implement a price-cap on resale tickets in hopes of taking out black-market opportunities…

Team Taylor is going to try and beat the scalpers at their own game by listing her tickets on Ticketmaster near prices they believe the market demands — much higher than what it usually costs to see a stadium concert.

This move is aimed at online bots and scalpers looking to tell her tickets at a huge markup. So basically, if Taylor’s prices are already at the highest price- they can’t be resold for more…

This will also help Taylor pocket a larger profit from face value tickets by attempting to eliminate a middleman that legislators have struggled to erase. The law comes as the Ontario government reacts to problems that compounded after it legalized ticket scalping three years ago.

Many Tragically Hip fans were left empty-handed for the band’s 2016 farewell tour when venues sold out within minutes, leaving hundreds of tickets showing up on secondary market sites like StubHub and SeatGeek.

On her “Reputation” world tour, which kicked off earlier this month, nosebleed seats started in the $60 range and went upwards of $1,300 each near the stage.