Taylor Swift makes how much per day! Star Wars: Force Awakens new trailer out later today

Taylor Swift is the highest paid musician! According to reports, T Swift is earning over […]

Taylor Swift is the highest paid musician! According to reports, T Swift is earning over 1 million dollars every single day in 2015!!! The 25-year-old has made about $317.8 million since January, thanks to several smash hits, her unbelievable and seemingly endless 1989 World Tour, and a variety of endorsement deals that she’s added to the mix. Forbes has already predicted that Swift could be a billionaire by her 30th birthday. And there’s still just over ten weeks left until the end of the year!


Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer The new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will debut during halftime of the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles game Tonight. The movie is out December 18th, and will likely break a tom of records. Tickets for this movie are on sale today…


Just over a year ago, Tracy Morgan was in a coma after a Walmart truck struck his car. His friend was killed from the impact, and the stories coming out of the hospital about his health weren’t all that encouraging. But Tracy Morgan did make an epic return to what he calls his home -which is on the SNL stage on Saturday night…. The first words out of Morgan’s mouth were slurred. But don’t worry – he was only yanking your chain about the speech impediment and brain damage. There were some emotional moments in the Monologue before a reunion of 30 Rock with cast mates Baldwin and Tina Fey…


“Goosebumps” was on top of the box office charts, as the adaptation of the popular children’s book series earned $23.5 million in its opening weekend. That just edged out Fox’s “The Martian,” the science-fiction smash that was trying to be the number one picture for a third week in a row. The story of a stranded astronaut added $21.5 million to its $143.8 million haul.


Adele hasn’t released an album since 2011’s 21, but it looks like the wait could soon be over. Without warning during a commercial break on the UK’s The X-Factor — between advertisements for Dominos and Tic-Tacs — the screen went black. Then, Adele’s voice could be heard over lyrics to a new mystery song. That’s it! No album name, no details of any kind — just a voice we’ve been waiting for for a long time….


Rosario Dawson is the voice of Batgirl in the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie….Not to be confused with the other Lego movies in the works… LEGO: Ninjago is due in September 2017, whilst The LEGO Movie Sequel arrives on May 18th 2018. Meanwhile, Billion Brick Race, that Jason Segel and Drew Pearce are putting together, arrives in May 2019. First up, though, is The LEGO Batman Movie, which sees Will Arnett lending his voice once more to the Caped Crusader. Chris McKay is directing the film, which arrives in cinemas on February 10th 2017.


High school senior Malia Obama has been touring colleges lately and also, apparently, taking part in one of the most standard experiences of being a college kid: beer pong. The elder daughter of the president was spotted by a handful of college kids partying at Brown while Secret Service reportedly waited outside.