Taylor Swift Predicted Her Future!

She knew that she'd make it big!

Taylor Swift turned 28 yesterday. In light of that, an old interview surfaced on cable channel Great American Country -Taylor was then just 18 and was asked where she sees herself in ten years.

Taylor knew she was going to make it big. She said in the interview a decade ago:

“I will be hopefully headlining and I would love to be doing great touring and still be putting out successful albums,” she replies in the clip shared by a fan account. “And having the album’s material grow with me and never, ever alienate my fans, ever! It’s always going to be all about the fans and I hope that that never changes.”

In the past ten years, Taylor has multiple Grammy’s and her 1989 World Tour became her highest-grossing and most-attended tour to date, earning $250,733,097 in revenue and becoming the highest grossing tour in the world in 2015.