Taylor’s Bathtub had $10 million worth of Diamonds in it!

I'd be happy with some bubble bath!

People are losing their minds for Taylor Swift’s new track “Look what you made me do” and the video is currently breaking streaming records! We’re now learning that the bathtub in her video was filled with $10 million worth of Neil Lane diamonds!

The Jeweller loaned Taylor the rocks from his own personal vault for the shoot, and admits he was thrilled to be part of the record-breaking promo.

In addition to bathing in diamonds, Swift was adorned in all sorts of expensive jewellery, including expensive necklaces, earrings and rings. An “insane” amount of security was hired for the music video’s shoot in response to safety concerns.

Meanwhile, it appears Swift’s intense investment for her latest album has paying off.

The promo for Look What You Made Me Do, the first single off her new album Reputation, has broken records, topping Korean pop star PSY to claim the title of most-watched video on YouTube in the first 24 hours of release.

The video was watched by fans 43.2 million times in its first day on the website, while PSY’s video for his 2013 tune Gentleman previously held the record with 36 million views. Swift also broke Adele’s first-day views record on Vevo.