TD Tellers Open Up About Upselling At The Expense Of Customers

TD Tellers Under 'Extreme Pressure' To Sell Items That Customers Don't Necessarily Need

Three employees from TD Bank have chosen to speak out anonymously to CBC Toronto regarding their experience with pressures to sell and how these pressures negatively affect TD customers.

According to these employees, there is so much pressure to upsell to customers that tellers often convince customers to purchase items that they don’t need or might negatively impact them. These items include things like overdraft protection, credit cards, new auto loans, and lines of credit.

These employees disclosed that the quarterly goals that are faced by bank employees are becoming increasingly “unrealistic,” to the point that these employees willingly oversell to customers when they know full well that the customer does not need what they are purchasing.

“Customers are prey to me,” one of the tellers said to CBC. “I will do anything I can to make my [sales] goal.”