Technology Is The Reason We Forget At Least Five Things Everyday!

Thanks to technology, 13% of adults don’t know their own phone number!

The most common things we forget on a daily bases are computer passwords, phone numbers of friends and family, and addresses!  People have also lost the ability to remember famous people who starred in their favourite TV shows or Movies; thanks in part to google!

Oddly enough, this study was commissioned by an animal charity SPANA, suggesting that technology has made humans dumber (for lack of a better term) than animals.

For example, did you know that donkeys can remember other donkey and places they’ve been for 25 years.

Elephants are able to identify at least 30 of their relatives and remember companions for around 22 years…

Humans, by contrast- can’t even remember where family members live in some cases!  Daniel C Richardson, Professor of Experimental Psychology at UCL said: “Technology has transformed how we store and access knowledge.”

20 years ago, most of us could remember our friends and family’s phone numbers, but today, most people rely on devices to store the information for us…  The research found that most adults, these days can’t remember bank account details, how to set the time in their car or what time a TV show comes on…

And sadly, because of navigation apps, many adults can’t remember basic routes and we use computers so much that many of us can’t write properly anymore or spell.  Day to day, people can’t recall birthdays, times or locations and even forgetting how to hold a conversation!

60% of people in the poll said the main reason we forget easy stuff like that is because we know we can just google it..