Thanks To Global Warming, The World Could Run Out Of Chocolate In The Next 30 Years

Insert Collective Scream!

Sub-zero temps in the winter, extreme heat in the summer and horrific storms all due to global warming.

Is that wasn’t enough to get you to wake up and pay attention, perhaps this will do it!  Thanks to global warming, the world could run out of chocolate in the next 30 years.

Cacao plants, which need very specific conditions may not survive these new weather patterns predicted to only get worse over the next century or so.

According to the Daily Mail, with the change in weather patterns, chocolate producers will face “an agonising dilemma over whether to maintain the world’s supply of chocolate or to save their dying ecosystems.”

According to a research report,  Destruction by Chocolate, the average westerner eats 286 chocolate bars a year. In order to make those chocolate bars, 10 cacao trees are needed to produce the fruit that is turned into chocolate.

So global warming, plus the high demand for chocolate- humans are consuming more than producers can make- could this be the end of our chocolate advent calendars at Christmas? Will the Easter bunny be forced to shell out jelly beans instead of chocolate?