The 12 Days of Corona!

A massive shortage of TP.

This 12 days of Coronavirus ornament is a hilarious way to remind us how bad 2020 has been!  When this is all said and done, we can sit back during future Christmas’ and be grateful that it’s over!


It’s a funny ornament that goes through 12 different things that Coronavirus did to make 2020 a terrible year, by starting with “In the year 2020, the pandemic gave to me…”

The 12 things on the 12 days of Corona ornament include 12 canceled plans, 11 face masks, 10 squirts of sanitizer, 9 cases of wine, 8 friends a-zooming, 7 mental breakdowns, 6 feet apart, 5 curbside pickups, 4 Netflix binges, 3 flights a-canceled, 2 bad home haircuts, and a massive shortage of TP.