The 90’s are back in a BIG way….and there’s a reason for it!

CNN points out that nostalgia is a very good thing when times aren’t so good…. […]

CNN points out that nostalgia is a very good thing when times aren’t so good….

According to an article from, there’s contentiousness over politics and racial unrest in the United States. We’ve lost legends like David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali. Add terrorism and fear over the world economy (looking at you Brexit), and these feel more like the worst of times than the best of times. (courtesy of CNN)

So, it’s no wonder people are flocking back to a better time….For example, in the states, the Clintons are trying to make it into the White House, again. And we’re obsessed with the O.J. Simpson case and Pokemon right now…The ’90s are as comfortable as a worn in pair of Doc Martens and your favourite flannel shirt as CNN points out in the article.

Looking back a few decades can bring joy. So aren’t you glad the 1990s are back in a big way?


Groups from the 90’s:


Gun-N-Roses is on the road again. As are Blink 182, Rob Zombie and Korn.  Not to mention that members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam may be forming a band.  Also the Backstreet Boys are currently in the studio working on an album and there’s even talks of a Spice Girls mini-reunion planned.


90’s Reboots


There have been many reboots from the 90’s this year, including the “X-Files,” Netflix’s “Fuller House” and we’re all waiting on the reboot of “Gilmore Girls.”  We’re also hearing about a possible sequel to “Cruel Intentions.” Movie reboots of “Power Rangers”,  “Baywatch” and a Live action Pokemon are all in the works!

Thank you CNN for making us smile…

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