The Age When You Finally Figure Out The Meaning Of Life

Can I google the answer?

We spend a lot of our lives trying to find a sense of MEANING.  But on the bright side . . . one day, we actually DO find it.


According to a new study, people really start searching for a sense of meaning in their 20s . . . and that search keeps going until right around age 60.


Researchers found that “Young adults in [their] twenties and adults in their thirties are actively seeking out careers, friendships, and romantic relationships.”


People in their forties and fifties tend to now have established careers and families so the search decreases during this time, but increases again towards 60.

Yes, right around 60, we actually figure out the meaning of life.

Unfortunately, after that, we feel like our lives start getting LESS meaningful as we head into our older years.  But for that little window at 60, we finally have everything figured out.

The upside, the researchers also found that the presence of meaning in people’s lives was associated with physical and mental well-being across all age groups