The Age You Stop Discovering New Music

Eventually, we just stop seeking out new music.

According to a survey by UK streaming site Deezer, the average age that people stop seeking out new music is 30 years and 6 months.
They looked at music fans in the UK and split up the results even further:
-People in Wales gave up looking for new music at age 24 and 8 months
-Those in North West England gave up at 23 years and 9 months
-Scottish survey participants on, average, only gave up on finding new music at 40 years and 7 months.

So, why do people stop seeking out new music?

According to the survey, excuses include having a demanding job, having kids, and being overwhelmed by the amount of music on offer.
But, those excuses might not truly be the reason we stop seeking out new music. According to Business Insider, “Rather than having less time, some research suggests we listen to the same songs over and over again because of musical nostalgia.”

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Photo thanks to Bill Mars from Pexels.