The Art Of NOT Caring!

Have you reached the point, you just don't care?

At some point, you reach the age you stop giving a hoot.  You’re done with worrying about what people think, adhering to stupid rules and you choose your inner circle wisely…

Are you at this point in your life?  Here’s how you can tell…

1. You stop giving a hoot about what other’s think- especially when they have an opinion about you!

2. You stop giving a hoot about ridiculous fashion rules-No horizontal stripes unless you’re a size 0? No bikini or mini-skirt after 30? No white after labour day? Whatever!

3. You stop trying to be polite in bed….Got a partner that snores?  You kick them or tell them to sleep somewhere else- Friday night- don’t want to be too long?  You call the shots!

4. You stop biting your tongue…While in your 20’s you were more careful with your words- now in your latter 30’s or older- you’re done- say it how it is…

5. You stop giving a hoot about what you can’t control… There will always be things you can’t control- so why stress about it….

6. You stoping trying to raise the perfect kids and realize that they are just like you!

7. You stop caring about your wine habits.  Grab that cab sav- stick the kids in front of Fortnight and Binge watch whatever you want!