The Average Family Has 300 Fights a Year Over These Stupid Little Things

The Dumb things family's fight about! Top 10

If you really think about all the things that make you angry at your kids, or make your kids scream at you or at each other, they’re stupid.  Like, really stupid.  A survey found the average family has 300 fights every year over stupid little things.

Teenage Family Having Argument Whilst Eating Lunch Together In Kitchen

Here are the top 10:


1.  Kids refusing to put down gadgets and talk.
2.  The TV being too loud.
3.  People not being ready to go on time.
4.  Leaving too many lights on.
5.  Slamming doors.
6.  Who started a fight, or whose fault it was.
7.  Kids not wanting what you cooked for dinner.
8.  Dishes left in your kids’ rooms.
9.  Yelling indoors.
10.  Kids jumping on the furniture.