The Average Mom Spends 97 Hours Per Week Parenting!

It’s no wonder you’re always tired and run down…

A new survey of 2,000 women with kids found the average mom spends 97 hours a WEEK taking care of their children.  Which is like two-and-a-half full-time jobs.


Here are four more stats from the survey.


1.  The ten most common jobs moms take on are:  meal planner, cook, housekeeper, launderer, teacher, nurse, life coach, personal assistant, therapist, and event planner.


2.  The average mom spends 46 minutes a day cooking, 44 minutes on laundry, 29 minutes on arts and crafts projects, and gets less than one hour of “me time.”


3.  53% of moms don’t get enough sleep, and 47% feel like they don’t have time to pursue hobbies, or hang out with friends.


4.  69% of moms in the survey said they wish they could spend even MORE time caring for their kids.