The Average Person Goes Nine Days Without Washing Their Face Mask

We're gross and we need to wash our masks more often!

Face Masks are mandatory, they are the new norm.  Every time we leave our house now, we check for keys, phones, and masks!


While we wear masks to keep germs away from ourselves and others, are we actually being hygienic with our masks?


Experts believe that misusing a mask could put you in as much danger as not using one at all. If masks are not changed or cleaned frequently, they can become their own source of contamination.


A new study has found that we are pretty gross with our masks!  People on average will go nine days without washing their masks, research has found.

And almost 11% of reusable mask wearers admitted to having gone over two weeks without washing their mask. And if that’s not bad enough, almost 25% of mask owners admit to sharing a mask with someone.


When it comes to disposable masks, over 44% of people admit to wearing them multiple times and 40% say they attempt to wash them even though they are meant to be tossed away after one use.

Health guidelines advise before removing your mask, you should wash your hands first.  Health experts also suggest washing your face after wearing a mask for a long period of time to avoid or reduce the impact of ‘maskne.”