The Average Person Suffers 96 Bad Day Hair A Year

I'm having a bad hair day!

New research polled 2,000 Americans and found the average person will suffer about three months worth of bad hair days every year!

That breaks down to about 8 days a month that we will struggle to make our hair work.

People deal with a lot of unfortunate hair issues regularly, and they include:


Hair falling out when washing or brushing (46%)
General hair loss (35%)
Frizzy hair (35%)
Oily or greasy (33%) hair


And having a bad hair day really affects our mood with 4 out of 5 people saying that they’d rather stay in than leave the house when their hair isn’t cooperating.

More than half of people said that they’ve bailed on a date due to a bad hair day.  43% have even bailed on a job interview because of their hair.

Having a good hair day is so important that 54% say it would put them in a great mood all day — more than having sex or a great massage.