The Average Woman and her breasts

Women's Health magazine reports these facts about The Average Woman and her breasts:

Ladies! We sure love our ladies…. They are a part of us, so much in fact, that we tend to do a lot with them….

Here’s some fun facts about us women and our breasts courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine!

Facts About Women and Their Breasts

  • 53 percent of women do not perform a monthly breast self-exam
  • 33 percent of women have flashed someone
  • 31 percent of women have a lucky bra
  • 68 percent of women have been professionally fitted for a bra
  • 20 percent consider their breasts their best asset
  • 12 percent of women wish their set were smaller
  • 9 percent sleep in their bra
  • 41 percent of women would have a boob job if it were free
  • 34B is the average bra size
  • Sofia Vergara is the celebrity the Average Woman thinks has the best rack