The Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club – Annual Dog Show

9am to 4 pm

The Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club are excited for their upcoming annual dog show; now located at the beautiful Tree Nursery Park (behind the Springwater Administration Center, 2231 Nursery Rd) just minutes from Barrie. The show will run from Saturday, August 3rd through Monday August 5th; running daily from 9 am to 4 pm. Special features this year include the regional finals for Junior Handling on Saturday, extra shows for Boxers, Dobermans, Dalmations, Kuvasz, working breeds, sporting breeds and Earth dogs. Judges from Canada, Malaysia and Brazil will be examining hundreds of dogs from across Ontario as well as other provinces and the United States. For the pure bred enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to see breeds from all 7 groups; ranging in age from 3 months to 10+ years.

For more information or contacts check The schedule, by dog breed, will be posted by July 31. Location: Plus Code on Google Maps C6XQ+8Q, Springwater, ON
Volunteer opportunities available for students to complete community service hours.