The Bikini Baristas Have Been Told To Cover Up

Make mine a double double!

In the city of Everett in Washington State, The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week to overturned a lower court judge’s decision to block the city of Everett from imposing a dress-code on so-called “bikini baristas.”

Everett imposed a dress code and “lewd conduct law” in August 2017 to combat “dangerous and unlawful conduct” that workers at bikini barista stands supposedly face, Reuters reported.

There is a chain of coffee shops called “Hillbilly Hotties” and they say the dress code violates free speech and a judge agrees!

“Bikini baristas” at Hillbilly Hotties in Everett, Wash., must now flash a less skin after a federal appeals court upheld a ruling requiring more clothes to be worn by the women while serving coffee.

The judges say that skimpy attire – sometimes just pasties and a G-string – to sell espresso at drive-through coffee stands does not constitute free speech protected by the First Amendment.

In case you want to hit up a Bikini Barista- you know; to try the office, they are located in Everett a city basically the size of Barrie located about 28 Miles north of Seattle. 

The Bikini Barista Coffee Shop had its license revoked in California!