The Birthie Stick For Expectant Moms! It’s An Awesome Prank!

Turn a precious moment into a viral sensation!

Gift a mom to be with a funny prank this holiday season!

It’s kinda like a selfie stick but for childbirth!  The Birthie Stick is a hands-free selfie stick that mounts to your thighs to use while giving birth.

According to the box, you can get the “mountain hardware” in either blue, pink, or black, if you “choose not to reinforce gender stereotypes”.

It is designed to provide steady, high-quality video of your special event while using your smartphone.  You’re family can watch the miracle of birth while from the comfort of their couch-rather than the waiting room at the hospital.

Yes, you can give your family and friends an up close and personal perspective of you in agony while your baby crowns…

The Birthie Stick extreme is another option and not just for childbirth… It can be used for skateboard videos, twerking videos, travel videos, and bungee jump videos, to name a few.

But seriously, how funny would this be at a baby shower- when mom to be opens the box to find a sweater inside!

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