The BiWay Will Reopen In August Of 2020!

Our childhood store is coming back!

The beloved discount store closed all locations in 2001, but announced last year that it would attempt to reopen in the summer of 2019.

The delay will be well worth the wait.  BiWay owner, Mal Coven, announced a new opening date and location.

The location will open in August of 2020 on Orfus Road, just south of Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  It will be located next to the new Roots Last Chance outlet store.

According to Mal Coven, the new BiWay stores will focus on value-based products, with nothing costing over $10!

For example, items can be purchased one for $10, two for $10, three for $10, four for $10, etc.

Don’t expect BiWay to be like it was in the 80s, Coven says the store and concepts will be modernized like hosting live book readings from authors featured in BiWay.

If this store is well received, then additional locations will begin to open across Canada!