The Butthead Fart Launcher 3000 Is The Must Have Toy This Christmas!

Gross toys are super popular with kids, from poop and farts to snotty slime- if its disgusting, they want it.

The Butthead Fart Launcher 3000- is a Nerf like toy gun that shoots farts instead of darts.

And as horrified as parents are- they will buy this for their kids.  Imagine the kids faces on Christmas morning to unwrap this gas-blasting gadget!

According to its product description, “the flatulent firearm, developed by WowWee, can spread stench up to 10 feet across a room and is “best used in well-ventilated areas or outdoors.”

This toy is for kids 5 years of age and up and comes with a cartridge capable of 100-plus blasts.  No need to worry about fart noises to boot, this toy is “silent by violent,” allowing kids to sneak up on their victims.

According to WowWee brand Manager Andrew Yanofsky, The Fart Launcher’s reek, “while incredibly accurate … is organic, plant-based, doesn’t get caught in fabric and dissipates in minutes,”

The Fart Launcher 3000 is made by WowWee who also makes the Butthead figurines which are little dolls whose faces are butts, which make farting noises!