The Chicks’ Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Gaslighter’ Is Here

Watch them perform one of the tracks

It’s been a long 14 years but good things come to those who wait – The Chicks’ have dropped their new album Gaslighter. The album, which is their first in 14 years, has 12 songs. Their previous one Taking The Long Way, took home a Grammy for Album of the Year.

The girl trio appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Thursday, the night before the release, to perform their protest song “March March” and to address their name change.

“Well, it’s because of everything that’s going on in the world. It was about time; we’ve wanted to change it for a long time, actually. We started using ‘DCX’ a lot and ‘the Chicks’ a lot whenever we could — we hoped it would catch on, but it didn’t. So, in the moment now, we just felt that it was right, and we didn’t even have to have much discussion about it. We just all wanted to do it right away, and so we did.”

Check out their performance below:

YouTube / The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Listen to the whole album here. You can also read more about the album here.

What’s your favourite track on the album?

Main Image via Twitter / @thechicks