Treats instead of cash!

TD Bank Debuts First-of-its-kind ATM for Dogs!

The company announced that it wanted to show appreciation for its four-legged customers by installing a first-of-its-kind dog automated treat machine…

The first Dog ATM machine, which delivers two to three doggie treats for free into a metal bowl when a canine steps on a motion sensor mat…

The first Canadian Dog ATM (Automated Treat Machine) was introduced on Wednesday at TD Bank’s Wellington branch in Toronto as part of TD Tech & Innovation Day.

The dog ATM is designed for all furry friends. It mimics TD’s human ATMs, except this one dispenses free dog biscuits into a bowl.

Also, the machine has its own dog-centric content that speaks directly to the bank’s furry customers.

The machine is a partnership with the Toronto Humane Society with whom TD Bank has had a longstanding relationship.

The first one was launched in a Philadelphia bank about a month ago and this one will be the first one in Canada.