The Fit-Bit Challenge Is Back!

Not by popular demand, more by necessity

So it’s time to get serious about fitness, but who wants to do it alone right? I know that we are mere weeks away from Christmas and the likelihood of staying on track is slim (a dream right?) but by putting in a valiant effort we might just make a small dent towards our end goal.

Here’s my reality: I’m extremely lazy; I don’t know if it’s my schedule, lack of motivation or what… but I know I need to make a change. Mostly for financial reasons… I can’t keep buying bigger clothes and keep all my old ones in hopes that they will fit again some day. It just it’s helpful or realistic.

My plan: What I want versus what I’m capable of should be the same, however I’m more likely to want to exceed a smaller goal than to struggle to reach a big one. So, I want to firm up, lose some numbers and fit what I already own. I want to sweat because my body is working hard and to feel the burn of success. It might sound cheesy but I love that too — mmm cheese.

What I need from YOU: Let’s do this together! Send me a pic/video/boomerang of your fitness success! Is it muscles, or weight loss or just the fact that you’re doing something active… I want to see it!  Your success could be shared in my next post and ON THE AIR! 

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