The Funniest Jokes According To kids…


Kids are hilarious!  They say and do ridiculous things that makes them and us laugh!   There was a poll done with children aged 7 to 12 to find out what they thought are the funniest jokes.

Beano is the company that conducted this survey as they are hosting a new competition looking for Britain’s funniest classroom!  While this is a UK contest, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some funny kid’s jokes!


The top 10 funniest jokes of all time, according to kids: 


Why was the sand wet?
Because the sea weed!

What do you call a blind dinosaur?


What did the policeman say to his tummy?
Freeze you’re under a vest

Doctor, Doctor! Help, I feel like a pair of curtains!
Pull yourself together then


What’s the fastest vegetable?
A runner bean!


What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


What’s brown and sticky?
A stick!


What do you call a blind deer?
No eye deer 




Why should you be careful when it’s raining cats and dogs?
You might step in a poodle!



Do you want to hear a joke about pizza?
Never mind, it’s too cheesy