The Giant Duck Was a Success in Toronto

Maybe it's actually worth the price?

Even before the world’s largest rubber duck began its Ontario tour everybody was talking about it. (That’s 1-point for ducky)

This past weekend when ducky arrived in Toronto in all of its 13-ton, 161 foot-tall glory the first thing thousands of people did wasn’t complain, they all took pictures. #KoolSummerSelfie (Another point for ducky)

(Ducky leads 2-0)

The world’s largest duck is now on route to Owen Sound for an appearance this weekend including stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Midland and Amherstburg before finishing in Brockville August 13th.

That’s right Midland, ducky is arriving in Midland Harbour, July 21st and staying until the 23rd. We expect to see your #KoolSummerSelfie’s with it to win $10,000! (Another point for ducky!)