The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion

When it comes to Red Carpet fashion, the Golden Globes are second only to the […]

When it comes to Red Carpet fashion, the Golden Globes are second only to the Oscars, and last night we saw Hollywood’s elite pull out all the stops to make it to the Best Dressed list. The competition was fierce, and while some of our favourite celebrities looked better than ever, it’s safe to say a few stylists are getting fired today! Here are our picks for the good, the bad and the ugly of Golden Globes fashion.


Kristen Dunst

Plunging necklines are back in a big way, and this black Valentino gown was just gorgeous against Kristen’s pale skin. Along with her smoky eyes and simple jewelry, it’s has a gothic meets Grecian goddess vibe and is sexy without being overdone.


Rose Huntington-Whitley

We are pretty sure that it’s impossible for this model-turned-actress to look bad. But this gold sequinned gown from Atelier Versace is just gorgeous, flaunting her curves. She was also rocking a huge diamond on her ring finger and confirmed that she is, in face engaged to Jason Statham!


Amy Adams

To all the redheads who think they can’t wear orange/red, think again! Amy Adams is never afraid of colour, and this orange dress by Atelier Versace is just stunning. Her hair and makeup is also simple and elegant, bringing out her natural beauty.


Cate Blanchett

This Givenchy dress actually made a few worst dressed lists, but the colour is stunning on Cate and it moves so beautifully that we have to disagree! Her hair, makeup and jewelry was stunning too.



Gina Rodriguez

We adore Gina and her new, hit TV series Jane the Virgin (on Netflix). With a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, it was her year to shine. But we felt that this voluminous blue dress missed the mark. It wasn’t fashion forward, and quite frankly made her look older and heavier than she is. Fingers crossed she’s nominated again next year, and maybe then she can dazzle us with something more unique and more figure-flattering!


Amy Schumer

Oh Amy, where was your pal Jennifer Lawrence to help you when it came to selecting a dress? Had it all been black and with a pair of elongating shoes, it would have been great! But the white colour blocking widens her shoulders, and the strappy shoes make her legs look short. We’re sorry Amy, you’re still killing it!

Natalie Dormer

The only thing worse than the neckline on this dress is the awkward way she pursed her lips in Why?!! Please stop making that face in every photo. Please!


Kate Hudson

On anyone else this dress wouldn’t have made the worst dressed list, but considering Kate usually sets the bar in terms of style we were really disappointed by this dress. It’s not so much that the dress is ugly, it just seems to be showing skin for the sake of showing skin. At 36 years old Kate’s body is phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean she has to dress like an 18 year old. A little but of elegance is always nice, especially on Red Carpets, and here it just looks like she’s trying way too hard!

Jane Fonda 

It’s hard to say anything bad about Jane Fonda, who is usually immaculately dressed. But she’s been getting a lot of bad publicity for this dress, which is neither flattering or on-trend. We would not want to be on the bad side of Ms. Fonda, and feel very sorry for her stylist today!

Lilly Tomlin

Lilly- we love you. But what were you thinking?! This dress looks drab and almost homemade. For someone who has such a quirky and fun spirit, this dress is a major letdown.