The Goonies Is Coming To TV!

Kinda of…..

According to reports, Fox has ordered a pilot episode for a potential series about a teacher and three students creating an amateur remake of the beloved ’80s movie.

It’s a Re-Enactment TV show according to, described as a drama series that’s a bit like School of Rock meets Be Kind, Rewind.

The plot appears to be about a teacher returning to her home town in New York who is working with three kids who want to be movie makers.   So they try and remake their favourite movie which is The Goonies!

This sounds like it could work, however; kids of the 80’s are still hoping for an actual sequel! 

And if several stars of The Goonies are to be believed, then the follow-up movie will happen eventually. 

Last year, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Ke Huy Quan suggested that the sequel will happen “someday.” Several years ago, Richard Donner also openly said he had plans to develop The Goonies 2!

Nothing confirmed yet! But here’s hoping!!!  Goonies Never say die! So let’s keep this dream alive!