The Gotta Get Me Some Box! After All, It Is Friday!

Tit for Tat!

The efforts of women, preparing for some sexy time has been under appreciated by men for years.  But thanks to millennials, the metrosexual trends and a lot of new products on the market- men are getting the message!  Well, at least some of them, anyways!

The extreme efforts that women go through to ensure that there isn’t a hair to be seen except on her head, is exhausting!

It’s time for guys to step it up.  Tit for tat!  We shave there, you shave “that!”

Some men get it,  and for their efforts- they’re getting more sexy time!  So for those of you who are still manscaped challenge- here’s the solution!

If you take care of your Crown Jewels, she may too!