The Green Party Releases Own Carbon Tax Stickers

Same image, different information.

The Ontario government has created stickers that gas station will be required to display at the gas pump. It shows the cost of the federal carbon tax as industrial polluters/emitters pass along the costs that they have to pay per tonne of C02.

The sticker says that the federal carbon tax will cost an extra 4.4 cents per litre in 2019 and and extra 11 cents per litre by 2022.

The Ontario provincial government opposes the federal carbon tax. The revenue neutral carbon tax is supported by economists as “the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed that is necessary”.

The federal carbon tax will give households in Ontario $300 in 2019 and almost $700 by 2022, more than the extra costs households will end up paying for gas and heating etc.

The Green Party of Ontario has created stickers that they hope will catch people’s attention with  facts about the cost of climate change.

The sticker talks about the costs of climate change, which is greatly accelerated by greenhouse gas emissions like C02. It says in part, “Climate change will cost us more. … Climate change could cost us over $91 billion annually by 2050. Extreme floods, fires and storms will get worse. ”

They are making these stickers available for free to gas stations.

Which sticker and information concerns you most?