The Grievances Of Living Together!

Socks left on the floor, OMG!

The number one grievance between couples living together is clothes being left everywhere.


Moving in together is a big step in any relationship and while it’s exciting at first, you quickly learn it comes with a new set of issues.


Good Move, a real estate website conducted a study to find out the common points of tension that comes with cohabiting.


Fun Fact: 56% of people surveyed said they broke up not long after moving in together…


9% broke up after just four to six months of living together, 8% called it quits after living together for less than three months, and 2% jumped ship in less than a month.


It’s not just newer relationships suffering though, as 6% of respondents split up after five or more years living together. 22% of couples move in together after one to two years of dating, which scientifically speaking is when the honeymoon phase tends to end.


The biggest pet peeves people have about living together are:

Leaving clothes/bags/shoes everywhere (22%)
Leaving the toilet seat up (21%)
Not doing the washing up (21%)
Amassing lots of hair in the drain (19%)
Leaving hair clips around (19%)
Not cleaning up after cooking (18%)
Leaving wet towels around the house (17%)
Not doing chores unless asked (17%)
Spending too much time on video games (17%)
Not taking the trash out (16%)