The Grinch Is Hot!

Maybe it wasn't just his heart that grew three times too big???

What’s not to lust over, he’s self-assured, hates capitalism, society, feeling emotions and lives with a dog…Sounds perfect!  The new take on the Grinch starring the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch has left a lot of people feeling the need to squeeze the green…

People have declared on twitter that the Grinch has some sexy energy about him…He’s tall, he’s hairy- what’s not hot about that?

In the 2000 version of the film, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, in which the Grinch is played by Jim Carrey, the character is positioned as an object of forbidden lust. In the movie, Martha May Whovier (spoiler) rejects the Mayor and declares her lust for that hunk of green fuzzy man meat.

What could be hotter than someone mean, grumpy, and disgusting? Someone who you’re not supposed to like, who you know is bad for you, who your parents will hate, but that you can’t help lusting after anyway?