The Grocery Store Featured In Stranger Things Has Become A Tourist Attraction!

And they're selling out of Eggos!

The store featured in Stranger Things, is located in Palmetto, Ga. and was called Bradley’s Big Buy grocery store originally!

Not too long after Stranger Things was released on Netflix, people dressed like the characters from the show and started to buy up all the Eggo waffles.  Fans are taking pictures and selfies with their eggos also!

Three years later, people are still coming in.  The Store became a Piggly Wiggly Franchise since then, but people don’t seem to care.

According to one article; 

Palmetto is a town of barely 5,000 people about 25 miles southwest of Atlanta, where the grocery store cashiers greet customers by name. 

But after “Stranger Things” premiered in 2016, it became routine for employees to also welcome fans from around the globe. 

Fans have visited daily since the store reappeared in the third season on July 4, said Piggly Wiggly manager David Johnston. About 50 fans showed up on one particularly busy Saturday in mid-July, he said.