The Happiest Teens Only Get an Hour of Screen Time a Day

Good luck convincing your teens that this is a good idea!

A new study looked at how happy teens are compared to how much time they spend on their phones and devices.

The ones who were happiest only spent about an HOUR A DAY on things like texting, video chatting, playing games, browsing the Internet, and checking social media. Yes, one hour a day TOTAL.

So the more screen time, the less happy they are… They were also happier than kids who got NO screen time. So the study suggests that just a small amount of screen time is ok…

If the Internet is your kid’s only way to socialize, then cutting them off could do more harm than good.

The ones who fell into the one-to-two-hour range tended to spend more time hanging out with friends face-to-face and doing things like playing organized sports and exercising.  The researchers also looked at studies from previous years and found the overall happiness of teenagers has been on a sharp decline since 2012.

That was the first year more than 50% of Americans owned a smartphone.