The Hardest Things To Give Up For Lent

What did you give up for Lent?

A new poll for Ash Wednesday asked 8,000 people to name the HARDEST things to give up for 40 days for Lent.  Here are the seven hardest things to give up . . .


1.  Watching TV or using streaming services.  29% said it would be the hardest thing to give up.  It was the #1 answer for every age group except 18- to 24-year-olds.


2.  Caffeine, 19%.


3.  Social networking, 11%.  It was the #1 answer for young people.  24% of people between 18 and 24 said it would be the hardest, compared to just 7% of people over 55.


4.  Chocolate, also 11% overall.


5.  Soda, 7%.


6.  Alcohol, 6%.


7.  Fast food, 5%.


8% of people said they weren’t sure which one of those things would be the hardest to give up.  And 4% said they already abstain from all of them.