The History of The Caesar!

Canada's favourite cocktail has a bit of history behind it!

The Thursday before the May long weekend, Canadians from coast to coast come together to celebrate Canada’s Cocktail – the Caesar! It’s the official kick off to summer.

The Caesar was invented in 1969 by restaurant manager Walter Chell of the Calgary Inn (today the Westin Hotel) in Calgary, Alberta. He devised the cocktail after being tasked to create a signature drink for the Calgary Inn’s new Italian restaurant. Eventually he came up with the recipe Canadians have come to love: vodka mixed with clam-infused tomato juice, lime, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, with a delicious celery salt rim.

Chell may have invented the Caesar, but widespread distribution of Clamato brought it to homes and bars across the country ~ Thank you Mott’s! ~ According to an Ipsos-Reid poll commissioned by the company in 2009, the Caesar, or Bloody Caesar, is the most popular cocktail in Canada; Mott’s estimates that more than 350 million are consumed each year! (That’s a lot of Caesar’s!)

Here is how to make Mott’s classic Caesar!

Whether they’re the Classic, extravagant or a spin off of your own; homemade, store bought or from your favourite local bar- It’s our Canadian Duty to enjoy a Caesar on this great day!