The House From ‘A Christmas Story’ Is Now A Museum And Hotel

Super fan of “A Christmas Story,” Brian Jones went ahead and bought the home of the Parker family in Cleveland and has turned it into a museum and hotel!

After seeing the home for sale on Ebay in 2004, Jones decided to take the jump and buy the property. 

The Ohio property has been acting as a museum for more than 10 years, but Jones took two years to fully renovate and turn it into a hotel as well.

The home sees about 80,000 visitors each year!  Jones created a gift shop and bought an old car similar to the one used in the movie. 

And now, it’s also a hotel!  Prices range from expensive to incredibly expensive!  For example! Prices range from $445 – $995, unless you want to stay on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, during which time you can expect a price tag of $4,995 per night.

The home provides sleeping accommodations for up to six people, so that the entire family can celebrate Christmas together.

If you think an over night stay is a little too pricey, you can still take a tour in the museum for $13 per person!