The House from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Is on the Market for $244,000

You can now live in the same idyllic neighbourhood as “Edward Scissorhands.”

One of the homes featured in the 1990 film starring Johnny Depp is currently on the market for just under a quarter of a million dollars, reported People.

Located in Lutz, Florida, the house was painted pastel blue in the movie and is now outfitted with tan vinyl siding.

It was built in 1989, the 1,432-square-foot property features three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is currently listed at $244,000.


In the movie, the residence was known as the Boggs’ house or the Avon Lady’s house, in reference to the character Peg Boggs, portrayed by actress Dianne Weist.


The suburban home is where Edward Scissorhands goes to live after he’s taken in by Boggs and later falls for her daughter, played by Winona Ryder. Fun fact: Depp and Ryder were dating in real life at the time.


Prior to filming, homes in the entire neighbourhood were painted various pastel shades to give it a sharp contrast to the edginess and darkness of the film’s titular character.

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