The “I Don’t List” Make One!

I do so much- Here's what I don't do!

We are busy people these days.  Squeeing too much into everyday.  Taking care of your family, your home while trying to keep your identity and perhaps still trying to achieve your goals…


I read an article about a women who, just like us; is overwhelmed it seems.  She too is trying to do everything all the time.  She, Holly Wainwright created a “I don’t Do” list which allows her to perhaps get some frustrations out in the open but also lets others know, you’re not alone.


For example, on Holly’s “I don’t Do” list, she admits that she forgets to make her daughter practice her violin and that she doesn’t exercise most days…. Holly also says that she doesn’t organize playdates with activities and snacks nor does she volunteer at her kid’s school…Sound familiar?


So I thought it would be therapeutic if I, then maybe you- create your own “I don’t do” List! (I have a few of Holly’s things on my list also)

Here goes!




  • I don’t volunteer at my kids school, ever
  • I don’t iron
  • I don’t plan fun activities for me and my kids- I prefer they find their own fun
  • I don’t shave my legs unless I have too
  • I don’t cut the crusts off sandwiches
  • I don’t peel the skin off cucumbers 
  • I don’t do yoga or meditate (although I probably should)
    I don’t play board games- they suck
  • I don’t sit around ever- I’m constantly doing something
  • I don’t really try new things
  • I don’t do domestic life very well
  • I don’t do hugs voluntarily 
  • I don’t make cakes or bake really
  • I don’t do valentine’s day- lame
  • I don’t do Christmas before End of November…


Now you try!