The Juno’s are not happy with Russell Peters!

Seth Rogan doing another super hero movie and Beyonce pics are worth a fortune!

The head of the Juno Awards is apologizing for comments that co-host Russell Peters made during Sunday’s show…In a statement, Allan Reid distanced himself and Juno organizers from jokes that have been criticized for sexualizing women.  The comedian opened the show with a monologue that referenced young girls in the audience as a “felony waiting to happen.” Peters also jokingly questioned why Heritage Minister Melanie Joly was handing out an award, but added that it didn’t matter because “she’s hot, so who cares?”  Joly,many from the social media world and Singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer- used Twitter to express outrage for a comedian’s jokes and urged Reid to make a public statement about Peters’ on-air remarks. She said the joke about young women “had no place on the Junos.”


Seth Rogen and his business partner Evan Goldberg have signed on to adapt the Invincible comic book series for the big screen.

The duo will write, direct, and produce the movie, about a high school student who inherits his father’s superhuman powers. Invincible will be based on the comics of the same name, which were launched in 2003 by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker…


Beyoncé has been named the most influential celebrity on Instagram, with each of her posts worth more than $1 million, according to D’Marie Analytics.

The social media research firm estimated the figure, released on Tuesday, April 4, is based on factors including number of followers, post reach, engagement and click rate.