The Kale Craze Appears to Be Over!

Move over Kale, there's another green veggie in town!

It looks like people’s love affair with kale may be over.  “The Atlantic”  took a look at some key indicators, and they all point to the kale craze ending.  Check this out . . .


1.  Google searches for kale have been steadily dropping since they peaked in 2014.  They’re currently HALF of what they were then, and they’re back where they were in 2011, before kale started going mainstream.


2.  According to the latest data from the Produce Market Guide, there was a 6% drop in kale sales from 2016 to 2017, that’s eight million fewer pounds of kale.

3.  Other vegetables are seeing increases while kale’s declining, like spinach sales going up 4% and Brussels sprouts up 19%.


4.  And there’s only one month of the year when kale sells really well:  January, when everyone’s temporarily trying to be healthy.