The Key To Your Happiness!

What would make you happy? Money, more sex, not spilling your coffee?

The key to happiness may not be realized until you’re in your 50’s.  But fortunately, there was a study done to help you get a head start!

2,000 adults ages 55 and over were asked specific questions about what they think are the secrets to a long and happy life.  The most common and obvious answers include a great job, being close with family and having someone to love. 

But, there are a few unexpected things that can help you achieve pure happiness in life- if you’re game!  Some suggestions include gossiping, having a good breakfast every morning and not working in an office.

Most people agreed that they didn’t realize what made them truly happy until the age of 49.

The secret to a happy life from people who know include:

A loving partner

Being close to family

Laughing everyday

regular exercise

getting outside and enjoying nature

getting eight hours of sleep

having a pet

having enough money to do what you want

having a great job

playing with kids/grandkids

having a hobby

a small act of kindness everyday


having a good sex life

taking holidays

looking after your appearance

avoiding booze

having treats


listening to music