The Majority Of Adults Are Willing To Cheat On Their Partner…With Food!

Do you have a dirty little secret?

Honesty is the most important quality in a relationship, not hiding secrets from one another.

Having said that, 71% of people say that they are will to come clean to their person about their dirty little secret.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Sabra ( food site) examined the eating habits and behaviours of 2,000 Americans in relationships, and found that 71% of Americans make unhealthy choices behind their partners back, and 55% have hidden food in their home from their partner.

Nearly half (49%) of Americans also rely on their partner to maintain their healthy eating habits.   54% say eating well is one way to improve the health of a relationship.

However, 68% of people say that its their partner’s negativity that causes them to eat poorly!

Seven in 10 actually lie to their partners about their unhealthy eating habits.